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THE meditative lens:
learning to see the compositions of everyday life

A sliding scale of $30-50
for an hour lesson!

Photography is unique as an art-form in its ability to capture a moment in its most honest and immediate form— a small piece of the world itself, interpreted by one's eye and composed within a frame at the click of a small button.


The camera, then, (and all its small buttons) can be used as a meditative tool of sorts, to connect one with the "visual present" and actively engage with one's environment in new and meaningful ways (even when the camera isn’t in hand).


These 1-on-1 'lessons' will be focused on the development of one’s photographic eye in order to better see and capture the compositions of the passing world, and as a result, live more freely in the 'visual present.'


This will be done, simply, by strolling around Philadelphia (on hopefully a very sunny day), casually discussing theories of photography, and identifying compositions as they form around us, spending time with each one as we go over techniques to help you refine your photographic eye, ultimately developing habits that will open up new worlds of photographic possibilities.


As your portfolio expands, we’ll spend time discussing your compositions, and through critical examination of your photographs, help you further refine your vision— a very necessary part of the artistic process.

If you're interested in scheduling your first session, message me on the contact page telling me a little bit about yourself, your goals and your experience with photography! Camera quality or type does not matter! Even an iPhone is gladly welcomed! Thanks!

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